Inaccurate tickets, "Less than 10% free space" on nearly empty drives.

I have a monitor set up to tell me when a workstation has little space left, less than 10% on the system drive to be precise. I just got another ticket like this one that tells me that this client has “less than 10%” left… when he has TONS of free space still available to him.

FWIW, this client has a D: recovery partition with 88% used (so even that is >10%) but the condition on the monitor is specific to the system drive so this should not matter.

This is not the first system I’ve gotten a ticket like this generated. I got one almost identical yesterday on a different PC.

Hello @PromptCare

Could you please send us an email at with the monitor settings, the ticket information and a screenshot with the actual size of the drive that is being monitored?

Did so before starting this post. Posting to the forum gives others the chance to identify that they, too, might be having the same problems.