Inquiry: RMM Plugin (Old)


I remember on one of your updates that you will be going to remove the RMM Plugin (Old). Can you please confirm if how long will this RMM Plugin (Old) continue as we are still using it and it is more useful than the latest one.

Thank you,

Hello @alfie013 ,

Yes you are correct, ‘old’ RMM has been fully decommissioned. Only customers who have already activated the old RMM will be able to use it now.
However we don`t have information yet regarding the complete decommissioning of "old’ RMM for users who are still using it.
Being said, we will coordinate with the proper department and we will create a support ticket to keep you updated.
Also, rest assured that we will post any important information or updates here in our forum to keep our customers updated as well.

Hi @alfie013

We don’t have timeline for complete decommissioning for the people who already have that. Timeline will be determined when you guys say the opposite of

we are still using it and it is more useful than the latest one

Looks like we still have some homework.

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Thanks for the information. We preferred to use this old one as it is more powerful and has more advantages than the newest, so we hope it will last forever in our account.