Inspect.sys crashing after reboot

Hello all,
We have been running Comodo for about a month now. I have some Hyper V’s in my environment. Everything has been running OK. Today all the Hyper V’s say that Comodo requires a reboot. I rebooted the first machine and now it will not load any longer. The file that is crashing is Inspect.sys and from what i can tell it is a Comodo file. The VM is windows 7 pro x64. I am currently restoring the vm from a full image backup.

Good day, @Rjanics
There have been reported instances of BSOD occurrences on Hyper-V endpoints with CCS installed on them. Unfortunately, the Support team is unable to get any sufficient logs for further investigation about the issue. Please do reply to the support ticket we made in your behalf so that we can find an appropriate fix to this scenario.

I too have just had this issue on two different devices, I fixed it by booting into safe mode, adding a reg fix to get Windows Installer to run and uninstalling CCS.

I have this on over 150 machines, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Hello @rgb
Thank you very much for that handy tip!

Is this a known issue !!??

Is this affecting servers ? Or just pc’s is it limited to VM’s ??

More detailed information please !!!

Hello @dittoit ,

There were few reported the incident and is not unique to everyone.
Some were VMs, Servers or just a normal endpoint.

The common fix on this issue is to reinstall CCS.
You have to delete the inspect.sys file located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers then try to boot into Normal mode
and perform the reinstall.
So far, those reported the incident did not encounter the same issue anymore after reinstalling the software.

I hope this information helps.

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What has caused this ?

What versions are affected. It’s no good saying reinstall.

We need to narrow down the systems affected and why.

What’s going to happen Monday when all my customers turn on their pc’s ??

Hi @dittoit ,

This is not a general issue.
I just shared the information we had in the past but
our development team is working on @rgb 's case
to define the root cause of the concern and a resolution as soon as possible.


Hi @dittoit . Please let us know if any of your customers had experience the same issue that @rgb had experienced. Our Development Team needs to investigate any occurrence of this issue further and we cannot safely consider that uninstalling Comodo Security Firewall is a solution. We will look forward for your response. Thank you.

The inspect.sys version was dated 01/09/2017 on the laptop I am working on

We appreciate the information provided. Our Development Team is still on the process of investigating this concern. We would also like to thank you for providing the requested logs. We will provide you updates as soon as they are available thru email. Thank you.