Install app to a specific Android device?


I want to install an app on just one device, how do I do that and must the device be connected to Play Store? Because I have a configuration on the device to disable “Play Store”.

What I want is to be able to push out apps on devices but the users should not be able to install anything from the “Play Store”.

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Hello @Noiden ,

You can try our help guide in performing the tasks that you need in managing Android apps from Google Play Store and via customer/enterprise apps for installation. Restrictions can be set on allowing to run apps under ITSM>Profiles> Restriction

Hi @Jimmy

I know how to add app, but what does that “Inform Device” doing? Inform every Android device in the management? I just wan’t to send a specifik app to a specifik device.

I can’t find any “allow to run apps” under the Profiles, just Kiosk-mode and restriction of native apps. I don’t find any setting to be able to “push out” / install apps from the profile section.

Hello @Noiden ,

ITSM maintains a repository of custom and enterprise apps from apps from Google Play and the App Store. You can add both mandatory and optional apps to the repository and can update all devices with one click using the ‘Inform Devices Now’ button.

on specific device no, only on all devices
If you wish, we can request this as a new feature and we can add you on the loop on its progress.

I hope this information was helpful.

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Yes, that would be great. Because we have some devices in production that using apps that should not be on other devices.

Is it also possible to install apps without Google Play Account on the device? Just to push the .apk file and install without Google Play.


Hello @Noiden,

We have forwarded your request to the development team. We will send updates through the email registered to your Comodo One account.

Regarding your question of pushing .apk files not in Google play, you can refer to this guide on how to add an enterprise apk:

Thank you.