Install Comodo antivirus on android devices so i can manage from ITSM

Normally i should have read this up on the help docs but i didn’t seem to find any. I have about 30 android tabs needing antivirus on them and i just don’t know how to go about installing the antivirus on them so i can manage the devices from console. Any help?

Id start by having a read through the documentation, this is something that you want to fully understand.

Should note that C1 currently cant be installed on Android 7.0+ i believe that this is going to be supported in the not too distant future.

Hi @Joners ,

Thank you for providing help guide. The implementation of the feature (ITSM: Support for Android 7.0 Nougat) is on our roadmap and planned to be delivered by the end of Q3 2017.

Thank you…this guide shows how to manage mobile devices…i’ve read it before. I want to know how to install the comodo agent on mobile devices to enrol them just as in normal windows endpoints.

Hi @chales ,

ITSM Agent on android devices already has the antivirus engine inside it and will protect devices from malwares and infections. There is already a realtime protection after the installation of agent but you can run on-demand scan as well.

To launch an on-demand scan

  • Click 'Security Sub-Systems' on the left then select 'Antivirus'.
  • Choose the 'Device List' tab.
  • Select the Android, Mac OS or Windows device(s) you wish to scan.
  • Choose a scan type from the 'Scan' drop-down.
  • The scan command will sent to the target devices and the scan will commence immediately
Please see this quick start guide

Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. Thank you.

Hi…i’ve read this part already…my question is still not being answered though. How can i get the ITSM agent to the android device in the first place? do i download an app on the device or what? for a PC, i know i have to download an agent to install on the PC. How about for android devices? How do i install this agent?

The information is in the enrollment instructions when you go to add a device.

For Android devices

Download and install Comodo Client application tapping the following link:…com.comodo.mdm

Upon completion of the installation, enroll using this link:…/android/login

Use the login and password of your domain.

Hello @chales,

Send the enrollment mail and open the mail on the device and tap the enrollment link in it to open the enrollment page. Click the application download link under ‘For Android Devices’.
You will be redirected to Google Playstore to download and install the agent.

For more information please visit this link :

Please note that if the android device was upgraded from the supported version to 7.0 , its still supported.
But if the android device original version is 7.0 up (Nougat), the support is expected to be delivered by the end of Q3 2017.

Also, I want to thank you @Joners for the explanation.

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Am I reading this right that the AV agent is actually included in the ITSM app?
I ask as I have ITSM and Comodo AV installed on my phone as the ITSM agent seems to be a reporting app only just as in Windows etc

Hello @StrobeTech ,

Yes and No.

No physical Antivirus Agent/app will be installed on the mobile device but by installing the ITSM agent alone means real time protection as well.
Please check this link for more information.

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