Install Comodo Dome Shield Roaming Device Agent

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The attached script will check to see if Comodo Dome Shield’s Roaming Agent is installed on the endpoint, and if it is not then it will proceed to download and install it.

To use this, first you will need to have the ITSM Agent Windows Link from Dome Shield. To find this, navigate to and click on Download Agent in the top right corner. Select the company that you wish to assign the device to and then click on Get ITSM Agent Windows Link.

The second step is to run the procedure as LocalSystem user, and configure the Download URL parameter with the link that you just copied.

Once the agent software has been installed, ensure that the devices have been assigned a Security Policy under Click the Edit button next to the policy that you wish to assign, and in the dialog that appears click on the drop-down under Objects and select each device under Agents.

20181015-Install-Comodo-Dome-Shield-Roaming-Device-Agent.json (7.83 KB)

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