Install Google Chrome Extension for All Users

Hello everyone,

The attached procedure script will enable you to install a Google Chrome Extension for all user accounts on the endpoint by specifying the Extension ID as an ITSM parameter.

To use this script, you will need to know the Extension ID of the extension you wish to install from the Google Chrome Store:

  • Open the store page for the extension (in this example I'm using uBlock Origin), it should look like this:
  • The text highlighted in bold is the extension ID. Copy this information to your clipboard.
  • Select the endpoints you wish to install the extension on and click Run Procedure
  • Type the name of the procedure into the field and select LocalSystem User.
  • Click Configure Parameters, and paste the extension ID from above into this field ensuring there are no spaces or forward slashes.
  • Click Apply and then click on Run.
Note: You can modify this script to install a specific extension without needing to configure a parameter by changing ExtensionID=itsm.GetParameter('ChromeStoreExtensionID') to ExtensionID="extensionidgoeshere" at the top of the script.

20181020-Install-Google-Chrome-Extension-for-All-Users.json (2.04 KB)