Install office suite installation, if not already installed


The below script checks whether Microsoft office 2016 has been installed in your endpoint.If not it will download and install the package on your endpoint. You can also modify the parameters for XML depending upon your environment.

Edit Parameters:

OfficeClientEdition=“32” #Installs the edition of office
Channel=“Targeted” #Installs the Office installation files from Semi-Annual Channel
Product_ID=“O365ProPlusRetail” #Installs Office 365 ProPlus
Language_ID=“en-us” #Installs English version of Office

Display_Level=“None” #Displays the installation progress

Script Link -…eady-installed

Note: Please Run as a System User.

install-office-suite-installation-if-not-already-installed.json (4.41 KB)

Is there a trick to get this to work? I haven’t been able to get this to run successfully.

Hi @troxelr,

Please find the following script link for “Install office suite installation if not already installed”

If you have any issues in running this script, please provide us more information.

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ust wondering if its possible, and if so how I would go about, installing Visio 2016 on a computer that already has Office installed without re-insalling office. Currently the installer reinstalls Office when I add Visio. I will be deploying Visio to select devices in our network which all currently have Office already installed. (Side Note: I also have to install Project for a select group.)

Hi @amelneach,

Thanks for your request. We have asked our script developers to analyse and provide update whether script is possible or not…

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