Install Patch Management from RMM?

HI All,

I have a number of workstations all installed with the RMM client, is there an automated way to install the patch management software on to these machines?



Hello Matt,
In the RMM Console, go to Procedures, Create a new procedure and use the Application Installer action.
Inside Application Installer you have the possibility to choose Install Type: Patch management install.
That is predefined, so nothing more to do but save the procedure and run it on the desired machines.
Please keep in mind that Patch Management agent might show up in the Patch Management Console with a delay of 10 - 15 minutes.

Thanks just figured it out before you replied and it works very well thank you!

Hi @msitcmatt ,

great you sorted it with a procedure we have found the application installer very usefull in deploying 3rd party application like anti-virus, office 365 desktop etc…