Install Security and Critical Updates Without Reboot


Using this script for the first time. I disabled Updates in GPedit. Does this need to be enabled? How to I prevent updates to install? I’m on Win10 and Win7.

All my endpoints have this message

5/15/2018 2:57:06 AM Launched with do not reboot 5/15/2018 2:57:25 AM Update Search function failed. Thanks, Boots

Hello @Bootstrapper
You definitely need to enable updates on the endpoints. For GP, you simply have to set up who are allowed to run Windows Update.

Once a Windows endpoint gets enrolled to the ITSM, the regular Windows Update schedule is superseded with whatever update setting that is on the associated Profile. If you do not have any specific update setting, OS updates only get installed manually (through Patch Management).

Thanks Rick.

Question: Patch Status for the endpoints lists all patches, but I just need to know if the critical and security patches are installed. How do I filter this information? Use a script or an alert?

The column sort is not helpful enough. I need to see a list of 150+ terminals and quickly identify an issues.

Thank you for accommodating the noob questions!