Installation an EXE file (CrowdStrike) with parameters from a G Drive download link

Hi everybody,

I need to download an EXE file from a URL link (Google Drive such as “”) and execute it “Run as administrator” with the following parameters : <installer_filename> /install /quiet /norestart CID=<CCID>.

I can provide the URL in private if needed.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, there are several scripts that should work for you, try this one first, as quoted from scripts forum.

Always check the url however as various links at times require tweaking, I use sharepoint and onedrive often need modifying the end to actually download not just the web link, google much the same but I do not use very often.


may need to be

sharepont gGpc0&download=1

Hello @mcfproservices and @Infinite_New1,

We use this little tool for converting the Google Drive URL from the sharing dialogue to a direct-download URL:

Google Drive Direct Link Generator

However, take into account that Google Drive has some restrictions with file sizes and types that might block some direct downloads, so remember to always check your links before using them in the download and install procedure: if a link does not allow you to directly download the installation file, the procedure won’t work.

My two cents. Have a nice day!
– Javier Llorente
Endpoint Security - Devoteam

Hello @mcfproservices and @DevoteamEndpointSecu,

Thank you for your input, it’s really helpful.

I tried to tweak my Google Drive file link to download directly as mentioned or with the Google Drive Direct Link Generator but there’s another problem on top… The fact that is a EXE of 49 MB always prompt the “Google Drive can’t scan this file for viruses.” :

So I’m always ending up with no direct link… Any other idea?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Infinite_New1,

The last restrictions in Google Drive have made it very complicated to use it for direct download. I’m not sure, but I think that OneDrive can still be used.

I’ve found this video with instructions, it might be worth to check:

Same info in text format:

Hope this will help!

– Javier Llorente
Endpoint Security - Devoteam

Hi @DevoteamEndpointSecu,

I did some searches just after my post (was exhausted to search to overcome Google links behaviors) and it turned out that I found exactly the same text format instructions URL that you mentioned before you answered! Worked the 1st time without an issue.

Thank you and have a nice day!

I haven’t worked in Python before, only CMD and Powershell. When using this script - do you include the quotations in the parentheses? This script is throwing a syntax error on the question mark. with and without quotations. I did find the link on how to make a direct link and the direct link does work. We’re trying to get our SentinalOne agent going. The Sentinel One script does not work with the alternate URL due to not being authorized. Either EXE or MSI should work with the group token silent command field.