Installed Endpoint Manager and Android Phone is Now Bricked

Have a user with a Samsung Android phone. Installed ITarian Endpoint Manager. Phone was a bit slow after that, but still worked. After a couple of hours, the phone just died. It had a charge when it died but will no longer show anything on the screen, not even charging information.

It is an unfortunate incident @scottalanmiller. We will not be able to troubleshoot on our part the what and the how this led to the phone’s ‘bricked’ state until it can be restored to a working state. We strongly recommend that you reach out to the technical support team of the phone’s manufacturer (Samsung, in this case) to have it remedied first. Once the Android phone is up and running, please reach out to us again.

@scottalanmiller Try to make a hard reset ( not a factory reset) to boot the phone agains. The lastest version seem to use a lot of CPU for nothing.