Installing apps automatically on Android endpoints?


I’ve started using Itarian for some clients and something very basic is missing.
Installing specific or required apps on Android devices AUTOMATICALLY.

Is it possible somehow? No clicks, no Google Play “install” button pushes on the endpoint, 100% fully automatically.

If it’s not possible, then why? Uninstalling is possible - why not installing?

Thanks in advance!

Does this help? Application Store -> Android store. Here you can add mandatory enterprise apps. They will be installed automatically installed once a device is enrolled and deleted automatically once device is deleted from the portal.

I apologize, but this does not help me.
Once I add app to Android Store or Enterprise, then it will not be installed automatically.
It will be notified on the Android device that app needs to be installed, but it will not be installed automatically.
And this is NOT a solution.

We have about 170 devices and installing apps manually is not acceptable solution.

Hello @LKits ,

Did you try to set the application as mandatory? In that case, the application should be installed on endpoints automatically.

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Yes, all apps are set to “required” / “mandatory”

After informing devices about new added apps devices open endpoint manager and user can install those apps manually by clicking “Install” button.
Then Google Play opens and can install app manually.

Maybe some settings aren’t set? Maybe some requirement isn’t set?

Hi @LKits,

Please check your Inbox for private message sent and provide requested detail to create support ticket.

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I have already been communicating with support, ticket is:
Installing apps automatically on Android endpoints [#67015]

I’ll keep you informed of the solution.

Hi @LKits,

Thanks for prompt reply and informing about the status.

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Got an answer from support. I guess it works only with Enterprise apps (mandatory) and with something called KNOX. No idea what KNOX is.

I guess I’ll go looking for another solution instead of Itarian.

This feature (silent install/uninstall) works only for KNO*X devices and *Enterprise applications. When you add application on EM Portal as Enterprise and marks it as Mandatory, in this case it will be installed silently and automatically on KNOX devices without customer’s interaction. For non KNOX devices there is no ability to install application silently without end user interaction: Please refer the attachment 67015-1

If you add application from Google Play Application and marks it as Mandatory, in this case customer will get notification about appearing of new application in repository for both devices - KNOX and non KNOX:

  1. KNOX: 67015-2
  2. Non KNOX: 67015-3

Once customer clicks install, he is redirected to Play Market and install application from there. So, for Google Play Application there is no ability to install applications silently for both devices - KNOX and non KNOX.
The same situation is for uninstall process. Application can be uninstalled silently (automatically) only on KNOX devices, but there is no such ability for non KNOX devices - end user will get notification about request for uninstall from portal administrator. Also, we have found Feature Request for this ability , but it cannot be implemented for non KNOX devices as we understood from discussion with development team.

So how exactly can we push a android app to the devices? Its custom and not on the store and Inform Devices Now seems to not do anything…