Installing Patch Management from ITSM


I am trying to install patch manager from ITSM - I have used the following cmd line:


I have also tried it with commas “/qn AGENTUSERNAME=xxxxxxx PASSWORD=xxxx CUSTOMER=xxxx

In the MSI Installation State, I have the following message:


Installation failed (1639 - Invalid command line argument.)

2017/05/13 11:27:53 PM"

I did get it working before and have tried on several different computers - same result.

Installation manually works fine.

@knuth We’ll check this further and we’ll provide you an update.

Thanks - which Patch Management should I use? The ITSM or the separate module?

why is there two?

That would depend on how you want to utilize Comodo ONE. Here are links of what these two can do for you and your clients.

ITSM →…y-Manager.html
PM →…nt-Module.html

Based on the introductions of each one, you can definitely find out which of the two will fit your needs for the task at hand. Both are made available to our MSPs so that they can go as ‘lite’ (PM) as they want with C1 or go ‘fully-featured’ (ITSM) if they need to do more than patching on their client’s devices.


We do recommend to you use ITSM Patch Management functionality since ITSM is planned to be the center for all endpoint operations. We are going to remove (old) stand alone Patch Management module from the C1 portfolio in the near future to avoid confusion.