Integration on Wordpress page

I want to integrate a form on my website to users for creating a ticket without having a console.

Can I achieve this through html? Or do I need to creative a form with Gravity forms and let it send to the emailaddress forwarder or?

Any ideas?

@comxxitsolutions ,

we would like to ask if you want to use Service Desk inside of a wordpress site as an inner page, or use apis to get data and manage it on that wordpress site?

Correctly :slight_smile:

Innerpage as HTML or maybe through API whatever is possible

did u read this guide yet?


Why? Couldn’t find my answer. So or In stupid at searching or this is just a stupid question.

Whatever dude

Hello @comxxitsolutions ,

Please feel free to check Comodo ONE’s API Library page.

I try to search from there with word " Wordpress page" , “creating a ticket” result say " No results found " May be we request a new API?

Got it, thanks was already checking. No html option as for now?

LOL, mister pointing me how to search.