Integration with Connectwise

Hi Guys,

Is there any integration with Connectwiseand the service desk. We currently use Connectwise for all our help desk needs but I have deployed Comodo to a number of our clients. I ideally want to ingrate the systems and just use Connectwisefor the tickets. I know that I can use additional recipients in the alerts and send an email alert to Connectwise, but then I will have to close the ticket on Connectwise and then close again on the service Comodo service desk.



Hello @dbettens ,

Your suggestion for a Feature Request to integrate Connectwise and the service desk is currently shows on the road-map with short-term (3 to 6 months) implementation timeline.
We will contact you as soon as this timeline becomes more accurate.

Thank you for your patience

hi @Jay

Is there a link to the road map?



@dbettens ,

We apologize, we don’t. Comodo One’s Product Roadmap is an internal resource managed by our Product Team. As of the moment, you can visit our Feature Voting Page (using your Comodo One Credentials) to get access on currently discussed functionalities that are being staged, and groomed for production environment.

just out of interest, what do you want to see in our ticketing system to start using it? (its free and all integrated anyway).

Connectwise is way more than a ticketing system… Its a PSA, a tool to run your serviices business, built from the ground up for MSP’s.
Same as AutoTask, BMS and others. It will take way more than a hacked open source ticketing system to match their features…

Do give me few examples of what we are missing please.

Hi @melih

At this stage, I have engineers who are office based who already use Connectwise for ticketing - for those users I need to get the tickets from the service desk into ConnectWise for the companies that we dont visit very often (i have already setup seperate profiles, monitors and alerts). I also have some companies that have regular visits - for these customers I am happy for the engineers to check the service desk whilst on site.

I am basically trying to avoid duplication of work/closing tickets for engineers who are office based working on “remote only” customers

hope this makes sense



The entire financial side of it is missing, the reporting, sales, purchasing, projects integration’s for billing such as AV, CSP and others.
It’s not even a comparison given you are trying to shoehorn 3 products to do what a single product does…
Even syncro contains all of these basic functions of a PSA along with an inbuilt RMM.

@dbettens @rockowwc
We have added your new comments to the feature request ticket for further review.