Integration with Datto Applicances

Hello, I keep thinking of new things to add to Comodo and integration to Datto backup appliances and shadowsnap would be very beneficial.

Datto is an excellent backup system. I’ve helped integrate it with Kaseya, I’m sure they’d work with Comodo!

we would love to integrate with as many different providers as we can. would be grateful if you could connect them with us. thanks.

We have escalated your requests to be analyzed and we will get back to you as soon as we have an outcome on this.

I would like to see this also. Where does it stand with datto integration?

Hello @MTekhna

I will forward your feature request as well and inquire about the status of it. We will return to you as soon as we have an answer.
Thank you.

Id love to see Datto integrated as they are excellent for backup.

if you need any help in communications to them please let me know.

Hello @StrobeTech,

Datto integration and other backup services like Cloudberry and Intronis currently shows on the road-map for implementation in 2018-Q3. Would you like us to add you on the loop in order for you to keep updated?

Thank you for your patience.

Yes please, keep us updated on this.

Hello @StrobeTech,

We have added you on the loop to keep you updated.

Thank you.

Please keep us updated on this - thanks

What’s this look like now with the Autotask merger?

From what I’ve picked up from the Datto CEO discussions etc., it looks as though Datto will still be promoting extensive compatibility with other RMM platforms - ConnectWise, for example, are a direct competitor to AutoTask.

Datto are at the ConnectWise ‘ITNation’ convention next week, and Connectwise had a big presence at DattoCon17 London last week, just before the public announcement. There was a webinar for all Datto partners earlier today, and the CEO was pretty definite that there wasn’t likely to be any ‘special offers’ or incentives to subscribe to AutoTask.

Go for it, Comodo …

Would not ever get me back with Autotask even if you paid me.

managed to prove their AEM product does not work and their support could not fix it either. Best thing I ever did was fight them for release of contract and jump to C1.

We love Datto, it is an amazing system with an amazing support team as well. Currently we have been told if will carry on as is with being open for other RMMs etc so Comodo get in fast!

Fingers crossed Autotask do not wreak it like they seem to do for most products they purchase.

Hello @Anna_C ,

Any update on cloudberry integration? I know one of the recent updates was rolled back/deferred due to issues, can you confirm if cloud berry integration was in it or if it’s been moved to a later date on the roadmap?


The Datto integration like Cloudberry to C1 portal is still on the works and currently shows on our roadmap’s long-term implementation timeline (more than 12 months).
We will loop you in to the corresponding feature request ticket so that we can update you of any important updates from the product development team.

Thank you.

Following up on this here a couple years later. ANy update on the roadmap for this? Two years is about as “long term” as it gets in today’s tech landscape! :slight_smile: