Integration with Third Party products/services - Please tell us your needs

Fellow Itarians!

Itarian development team is now creating a dedicated “Third Party Integration Team” where we will be integrating as many third party products/services as you guys want, as well as provide an API/SDK framework for anyone else to integrate their products/services into Itarian.

Please respond to this post by telling us which products/services you want integrated into our beloved Itarian Platform.

We will collect all these and then put it to vote so that we can decide on the priorities of it.

Here is an initial list we know of so far: (PLEASE ADD MORE)

Category Products
Backup&Storage Acronis (the full volume pricing model, not the capped storage currently available)
Google Drive
Softlayer(IBM Cloud)
Code 42 CrashPlan
Comet Backup
Document Management Warranty Master
Microsoft Sharepoint
Office 365
Google Drive
IT Glue
siPortal / IT Portal
Payment&Accounting Paypal
Google Checkout
Xero Accounting
IRIS KashFlow
Security ESET
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Office Productivity Uniquity
Communication Slack
Desktop & Mobile Device Management Manage Engine
Network Performance Manage Engine
Application Manager
Reporting BrightGauge
Sharepoint Manager Plus
RecoveryManager Plus
O365 Manager Plus
File Audit Plus
Exchange Reporter Plus
CRM Repairshopr
Zoho CRM
Network Monitoring PRTG
Network Configuration Manager
NetFlow Analyzer
IT Help Desk&Business Management Platform & Asset Management Kaseya
Asset Explorer
SupportCenter Plus
Service Desk Plus
Remote Support Zoho
Project Management Trello
Password Management Password Manager pro
Active Directory Management AD360

This is great news and a great list!

Some off the top of my head:

Documentation Management

  • siPortal/IT Portal. I believe it to be a superior product to IT Glue based on my experience. I also believe there are others on C1/Itarian that use it as well. They have an open API so it would seemingly be "easier" to get integrated. I've been able create my own (albeit limited) integration with Lansweeper and siPortal relatively easily just with a powershell script.
Asset Management
  • Lansweeper. I suppose I'd say I'd like to see the discovery capabilities of Lansweeper become part of ITarian, though having an integration to ITarian to supplement before that happens would be great. Specifically its very good at discovering devices, software, licensing for audits, Active Directory...etc. Having those types of features in ITarian would be priceless. The network discovery beta just released is at least a start.
  • Zoho CRM. I'd say any of the products in Zoho One suite would be great, of which you have a few listed.
You already have it listed but +1 for Trello! I use it constantly.

Some security vendors who are offering mobile threat defense would also be at least interesting naming BETTER and Lookout. Also Integration of Comodo CCS into Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection would be something that would be great. Windows Defender lacks a security solution for macos but is offering a third Party integration.

Comet backup would a a good one… On the Office365 side of things, are we talking about CSP integration for billing…

This sound like a great idea with integrated services! BUT
We would want prioritize full “Multi Tenant” support. Have been waiting over a year now for it now. :confused:
As long as the customers can see ALL users in the portal it’s a “NO-GO” solution.

I saw that there are coming enhancements regarding the license management in the next update. Good! :slight_smile:


I would like to a bit of Malwarebytes integration. If nothing else, the ability to see the logs. It’d be great to be able to view the results of scheduled scans.



Hi @oxxy ,

We created a new request for the feature you’re looking for.
We’ll post updates the soonest once we get one.

Thank you.

Hello @wintermute ,

What kind of integration from Malwarebytes would you wish to have? Please tell us more.
We’ve created a request for the Log reports for Scheduled scans.
We’ll get back to you the soonest on that one once an update is available.

Thank you.

Need a way to do group policy management and remove the need for a local server

Group policy is just Reg changes, so this is completely possible.

SI Portal/IT Portal is so much better and correctly priced for the market in comparison.

Monitoring Sophos AV

Integration request with WhatsApp for business,
They have an API that can be used on SD to automate case creation via mobile phone, It can automate case from a customer by providing Customer #ID and issue.

Maybe reporting or monitoring using the windows action centre as this will allow reporting for all AV products

We use Avast Cloudcare. Integration would be excellent.

Interested in the IT Glue integration. Keep me updated.

Hi @gforrest,

Our product management team is aware of your request and is working to prioritize it with the others received. We will notify you for any updates regarding this request and its timeline once it is prioritized on the road-map for a delivery.

Thank you.

Just curious if this is something ITarian is serious about? or just keeping our interest piqued. Is there still an "dedicated ‘Third Party Integration Team’? Is there ANY progress? Any other integrations besides Acronis? I got excited with @melih’s post in February, but am looking forward to real commitments from ITarian.

Full Integration with CRMs would be great but a big task. What about some simple stuff like being able to direct help requests out of the Itarian system into an existing system. It would make the communication client more useful for those of us who have not moved helpdesk to Itarian.

It makes little sense that Itarian would move slowly on integration purposely. Surely, the potential for Itarian’s financial growth lies in partner sales. Am I reading the plan incorrectly?