Intergrate Shodan OR script to check external IP


can we use either as a tab under security of create a script that will interrogate the external IP of the customers and report?

Cheers Guys.

@dittoit ,

Would this suffice your query?


not quite. The api is used to scan an IP if found in the Data base then there is risk of attack.

if you open the link there are python scripts there.

someone who can interpret them will understand !! I dont lol.

@dittoit ,

Our apologies. We have communicated with our Script Developers for your specific request. We’ll provide an update with their feedback as soon as possible.

Hello @dittoit

We are aware of attacks that could happen. We do avoid that kind of issues always. In our script, we just used a link that is considered as a default native one provided by Google with full of the security wall around it.

In the link, you have provided, has “SHADON” that is the third-party API module which has the possibility to experience the attacks and in our Endpoint manager, we couldn’t import any third-party modules other than native python modules for the customer’s security purpose.

We kindly recommend you to use the script in our respiratory without fear of malware attacks.

Thank you.