Internet Explorer

Since the Itarian update, we have had users on Windows 7 machines, not able to open Internet Explorer. Once I turn off the Comodo AV, they are able to use it again. Has anyone else had this issue?

Hello @NickD
Is the Comodo Client Security (CCS) already updated to the latest version? May we ask what is the version of CCS on the affected endpoints?

Hi @NickD , we have hundreds of endpoints running the previous and latest version of CCS and have not encountered this problem.

Thanks, I’m looking into it further, but so far, only deactivating Comodo CCS makes IE work.


They all had optional windows updates, but up to date on everything else. Trying the optional ones, because they are .net.

Hello @NickD,

We created a support ticket regarding on the Internet Explorer issue. Please reply at your convenience.

Thank you for your patience.

We have not seen these issues either, but we are pushing more and more to Chrome as IEs days are numbered (So is Edge’s )

I would suggest just trying to disable the firewall and see if IE works