Invalid Credentials RMM Admin Conlse

Hi All,

This is driving me insane as need to urgently access a machine!

When I login it keeps saying “Invalid Credentials” - I know these credentials are correct. I can login to with them fine.

  1. I have tried it on several different machines and 2 separate connections
  2. I have tried is with different Comodo Admin accounts I have.

So fustrating.

I am having the same issue this morning. What gives?

I am now having a problem, when I try to open an endpoint, it just says there was a problem while logging in, and I can no longer reach any endpoints. I can not even reach them through the client viewer. I wonder if this is related to the issue described above??

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The team is working on getting it resolved ASAP.

I am back up, at this point anyway!!!

First the devops side then the RMM side took action on the problem, It was resolved by 02.02.2017 01:00 (GMT+3)