iOS Devices Appear Inactive

We have been happily using Itarian for a while for just a handful (8) iPads. At some point in February, our devices started all appearing as inactive. If I try to refresh device information, nothing happens. And more frustatingly, I have a device that I’m trying to reset the passcode on or wipe but neither of these are working for me.

Can anyone offer me any ideas of what might be going on or what the solution might be? We have inTune available if necessary but I’ve been happy wih Itarian up to this point.

Figured out after posting this, that I needed to renew our APNs certificate. I’ve now done that. Not sure what I might need to do after that but hopefully this will resolve our issues.


Please submit a support ticket at and we will be more than happy to have one of our support staff assist you with this issue.

Brett Wollam

Thank you Brett. I submitted a ticket and have most of my devices back online. I am unable to get the locked out iPad back online as it needs to be unlocked to connect to wifi and receive the updated certificate. So I am restoring it and will put the MDM back on afterwards.

I’ve also decided to change the amount of days for the forced passcode change so that it doesn’t happen around the same time as the certificate renewal in the future, hopefully saving me from this perfect storm.

A quick explanation of what happened:

  • All devices were set up around the same time, right after I created our Itarian account.
  • The passcodes expired after a year as was the default
  • A user enabled TouchID
  • user changed their passcode
  • user forgot their passcode (because they always used TouchID)
  • device was restarted which requires entering the passcode before TouchID can be re-enabled.
  • because APN certificate was expired we are unable to remotely wipe or reset passcode because we can’t unlock to connect to a wireless network.

Now I know better and will hopefully not make the same mistakes next year!