iOS - Profile Installation Failed - Invalid Profile

Been enrolling iOS devices for months without issue. Today I am enrolling an iPhone and received the following error when trying to install the Comodo ITSM profile

Profile Installation Failed
Invalid Profile

APN certificate looks to be valid. Not sure why this has just started happening.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


@grayskyes ,

Please check if the device is not already listed in Device List. If it is present then remove the device and try to re-enroll. This error may occur if you have click on icon ‘CDM’ before clicking on the icon ‘Run after installation’

  1. If you haven’t deleted the app then please click icon ‘Run after installation’ to enroll the device.

  2. If the you have deleted CMD from the iphone, then you can perform the following next steps:
    2.1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ on the iOS device. Select ‘Profile’ (or Device Management) -> ‘Comodo Profiles’.
    Tap the ‘Remove’ button. The ITSM profile will be removed from the device.
    2.2. Verify that safari’s history is clean. For it should to go in ‘Settings’ -> click ‘Clear History and Website Data’.
    2.3. Restart iphone.
    2.4. Open e-mail and click on the enroll link.
    2.5. Click ‘Install’ in opened ‘Install Profile’ window.
    2.6. Click ‘Install’ in opened window again. Wait 3-5 sec.
    2.7. Click ‘Install’ in ‘MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT’.
    2.8. Click ‘Trust’ in opened window ‘Remote Management’.
    2.9. Click ‘Done’ in the next window or wait 3-5 sec.
    2.10. Click ‘Install’ in opened ‘App installation’ window.
    2.11. Click ‘Run after installation’.
    2.12. In the opened window click ‘Open’. Attention: If your Safari will return an error, then close it and try again steps 11-12.
    2.13. Click ‘Allow’ -> ‘Accept’ in the next window.

Please give us your feedback if these steps were able to resolve your issue.

Thank you. The previous configuration for this device was not deleted from the device list as I thought. Removed the device and was able to Install

Thanks again

@grayskyes ,

Fanstatic! We’re glad to hear that our recommendations worked for your need :slight_smile:

Same here… deleted the device from iTarian. Cant do the other steps, cause the device is resetted, so I get the error on initial setup…