IOS Version of Remote Control App

I searched the forum and so far found no real reference to this, but does anyone know if they are working on an IOS version of the remote control app? This functionality would be quite desirable for me as I am on the road a lot and then I would not have to carry around three devices to support my endpoints.

@carlsond ,

It is indeed on our Development pipeline. We’ll add you on the loop and update you once our Product Team announces a sprint release where it will be implemented.

Thank you!

@carls ,

You are welcome :slight_smile:

@Jimmy - would you be kind enough to add me as well?

Hi @tobin,

Thanks for the feature request. You will receive a notification when the feature request is ready for availability.

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Night, this post is from a year ago any update on this feature. This would be an invaluable feature for those of us that work on the road as well as on the roadside to support endpoints.


Hello @rudym12

Thanks for your interest of Remote Control!

We are doing our stability tasks for remote connection and working on Android connection. We apologize for the delay but IOS version is also in our priority feature list.

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Product Management Team

would you mind to add me as well?

seriously i am waiting

Hello @acmapp

Right now, we are working on Android connection. But IOS version is also in our priority feature list.
Thanks for your request!

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Product Management Team

Well a year has passed, any updates on the iOS app, sure the helpdesk is nice but having the remote access/control tool would be a HUGE advantage!

Hello @carls ,

Thank you for your inquiry. Remote Control app for iOS is in our roadmap for quite some time, but as we informed earlier from this topic, currently we are working on Remote Control for Android application. We will start working on iOS Remote Control application after Android application is completed.

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