iPad can't join wireless network with Comodo Dome Advertising Blocking

So this is a BUG and work around for anyone that runs into this. I tested setting up Comodo Dome and have Advertising BLOCKED. Apple devices call home to captive.apple.com when joining a new wireless network if they are set to use Automatic DNS (default). The Dome would block captive.apple.com as advertising even though the Classify test shows “News” and that was allowed. The only way to fix it was to whitelist apple.com (or just captive.apple.com). In order for the whitelist to actually take I had to remove the profile from the network, wait about 1 minute and then reapply the profile.

So basically two BUGS

  1. captive.apple.com is showing up as Advertising and blocking ipads from joining said network
  2. Whitelisting requires removing the profile on the network and then re-applying for settings to actually go in effect.

Hope that helps!

Hello @braindead
The ‘conflicting’ category/classification where ‘captive.apple.com’ is currently assigned has been reported already by other Dome Shield users. The advice that was given (and the preferred method) is to submit a category change in https://cwf.comodo.com/classify.php. That is, enter the site first then ‘CLASSIFY’. Afterwards, it will show the site’s current classification(s). There is a link below for ‘Request Category Change’.

For the whitelisting ‘bug’, this is possibly a ‘delay’ with policy updates. The manual method you performed (remove and then add back) with the policy helps (or forces) the changes you made in the whitelist.