iPAD problem for new wersion Comodo one

I have problem with new version Comodo One for iPAD.
My step:

  1. add user
  2. Enroll device for mail
  3. install management in iPad
    Finish, i don’t have link to EndPointManager.

Now, i get from appstore EndPointManager, but i have information “you device is not enrolled”

Please Help

Hello @Artur,

Please make sure that you have an APN certificate or the one that you are using is not expired. Please see the guide below for the APN certificate.


Also please check if the iPad version that you are using is supported by the platform. You may check if from the Endpoint Manager portal > Settings > Support.

For the error “your device is not enrolled”, please follow the guide below.

  1. If the application is still available, please click icon ‘Run after installation’ to enroll the device.

  2. If the CMD application is deleted from the device, please follow steps below:

2.1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ on the iOS device. Select ‘Profile’ (or Device Management) -> ‘Comodo Profiles’.

Tap the ‘Remove’ button. The ITSM/EM profile will be removed from the device.

2.2. Verify that safari’s history is clean. For it should go in ‘Settings’ -> click ‘Clear History and Website Data’.
2.3. Restart the device.
2.4. Open e-mail and click on the enroll link.
2.5. Click ‘Install’ in opened ‘Install Profile’ window.
2.6. Click ‘Install’ in opened window again. Wait 3-5 sec.
2.7. Click ‘Install’ in ‘MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT’.
2.8. Click ‘Trust’ in the opened window ‘Remote Management’.
2.9. Click ‘Done’ in the next window or wait 3-5 sec.
2.10. Click ‘Install’ in opened ‘App installation’ window.
2.11. Click ‘Run after installation’.
2.12. In the opened window click ‘Open’.

please note: If your Safari will return an error, then close it and try again steps 11-12.

2.13. Click ‘Allow’ -> ‘Accept’ in the next window.

Please also see the guide for additional information for enrolling iOS devices.


Thank you and please let us know if the suggestion above works for you.

TNX, but not allowed on my country (PL)

Hello @Artur,

May we get more details when you say “but not allowed on my country (PL)”? is it the Endpoint Manager-MDM Client not available when you go to the AppStore?

We have also created a support ticket for you to gather additional details for further investigation. Thank you and please feel free to respond to the support ticket.

Samuel, Client is aviable (version 1.2.26) byt after install i have comunicat “…not enrolled” (certyfiactes and management acceSS is instaled)

Hello @Artur,

Appreciate for the response and sharing the details. Please feel free to respond to the created support ticket together with the requested information for us to further investigate or replicate the issue. Thank you

HI all in reference to the above, I just thought since I used this article which was very helpful I would share the new link from the Commodo KB to setup an APN certificate to allow Apple devices to communicate with your RMM for ITarian, so below it is.


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