Iphone turn off hotspot

We are trying your mdm solution, an done setting we cannot find is the ability lockout the hot spot on iphones. Is that possible?

Hi @Bradmu
Double-checking on the current capabilities of the Endpoint Manager (EM) with respect to managing iOS devices, it is not yet possible to completely restrict the hotspot feature. In the help guide for iOS wi-fi settings, there is a checkbox for the ‘Is Hotspot’ setting. It is for a defined AP though and not a catch-all setting.

Do you know if it’s planned for release anytime soon. It would be nice to disable the hotspot.

This specific function is currently not in the product roadmap yet @Bradmu. Your input is important to us as it will help improve the usefulness of the C1 / ITarian platform for the entire community. We will forward this suggestion to our product development team if it is viable especially with the ‘limitations’ imposed by the iOS platform.