IRA for unattended endpoints

because of the COVID19 emergency,
many clients asks for simple RemoteAccess solutions;
Is it possible in IRA to stop the confirm on access, for unattended endpoints?
Thank you…

Please take a look at which should help.

A question for Comodo, when a user is using CRC can we restrict access to just one endpoint per user login? ie so a user can only remote to his/her own machine.

I know and use a lot Remote Control,
I’m asking abount Itarian Remote Access (standalone app),
that asks confirm at incoming connection…

Hi @stefanoradam

Thank you for your interest on Remote Access!
Unfortunately, it is not possible, IRA doesn’t have this feature.We will search about your request for future.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,

Gizem Küçüklergil