Is Comodo One really free?

We have started using comodo ONE in our business and have found it very useful, we are most likely going to be going on to the paid tier sometime in the next 12-24 months after our current AV subscription runs out.

Looking in the licensing portal it shows that we are on a 365 day trial? Is that correct? We are only using what i believe to be the free tools at the minute.


Hello @Joners ,

Yes ITSM Subscription Basic Edition is 100% free!
It will automatically renew after the trial ends.
And yes you are correct, you can use those free modules available at the moment.

Thank you.

Hi @Joners

Basic edition cover all RMM functionality and it is free forever, not only a year :slight_smile: 365 days shows its status and it will be auto extended every year.

Security clients are premium and you can even use them for the first month as a trial, so 30 days trial shows this part. Please see below page / License Options explanation chart for more details.…sm_new_license


thats great, thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile:

We are always here to help you. Please let us know what features you may require in C1 platform so that we can build it for you.