Is Free Comodo Antivirus manageable from Endpoint Manager? if yes, for what?

Hi there,

I have been using Endpoint Manager from long ago, maybe on more than 50 workstations.

Now I’m willing to replace ESET Endpoint antivirus with Comodo Free Antivirus for business, so, is it a wise decision?

If I switch to Comodo Free Antivirus, I should have good control on Antivirus to manager as follows:

  1. To check if Antivirus is updated at all on computers?
  2. To force update antivirus if not updated
  3. Run scans
  4. Scheduling scans across all devices
  5. Which device is infected, action taken by Comodo Antivirus (cleaned, quarantined etc.), suggest if it needs manual actions by IT

Is Endpoint Manager can handle these things on Comodo Free Antivirus?

Appreciate if someone can list down the features or possibilities with Endpoint Manager on Comodo Free Antivirus.

Keep in mind, I’m talking only about free software with Comodo, not commercial.


Hello @apgdoha,

Thank you for notifying us. Kindly reach out to ITarian Support directly via and they will make sure to answer queries as quickly as they can.

You can also reach out to their Success Team through or call via +1-877-422-3865.

Thank you.

It doesn’t manage Free comodo antivirus.
However, I would recommend you get in touch with Partner Success Team at Comodo and ask them to give you a great discount so that you will have access to enterprise quality protection at really low cost. (the level of security you will get will reduce the workload you have).