Is it possible to update custom lists via an API or SQL database query?

Hello. I would like to be able to programmatically update my custom lists instead of having to manually add or remove items via the GUI. Is this possible via an API or having access to update my database via a SQL query? Is it possible to get direct access to update the DB tables on my instance? If so, I can do my own queries since I’ve already know what needs to be done.



@itselfserv ,

We have consulted our Product Developers regarding your setup if it is feasible. We will provide you an update of their output.

Hello Jimmy. Just checking if there was an update on this question. Thanks.

@itselfserv ,

We apologize about the delay. As of the moment we haven’t seen any updates from the Product team. We have asked for their inputs on this request and we’ll make sure to provide any feedback once made available.

Ok. Thanks. I can’t imagine I’m the first to require dynamic data for dropdowns. All I need is the ability to have the dropdowns use a DB table as a source instead of manually populating the dropdown choices. It doesn’t have to be the internal DB either. if I can point to an external DB and tables that would also work.

Hi @itselfserv
We added your additional comments above to the feature request ticket. We will inform you through the support ticket that was sent to you before of any updates about it.