Is it possible to...

  1. Add additional options to ticket source when opening a ticket?
  2. Add events to SLA plans?
  3. Remove the “Submit Ticket” option from the ITSM agent?


@singlesource ,

May we know what are the additional options you wish to be present when opening tickets?

For adding events to SLA Plans, Here’s what we currently have.

Removing the “Submit Ticket” option on the CCCis already being worked on by our Product Developers. We will add you to the loop to keep you updated on our Developers progress on making this functionality available on production environment.

Hi @singlesource

At present the Ticket Source is not a list that can be edited.
It would be interesting to know what other Source other than

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Other
you would be looking for?

The big problem with making this an editable list is all the icons and other bits you get against the tickets in the quick view. Speed could also be an issue as you are adding more and more lists etc, but the dev’s at Comodo can answer that better than me.

I’d also like to see customizing Ticket Source. Some ideas I’ve wanted to add:

  • Web (this indicates it was created using the web interface
  • In Person (many times will create tickets that come from meeting discussions or on the fly when talking to someone)
  • Device (indicates it was created from the tray icon directly from the device)
Considering how pretty much every other list is editable, I dont see how making this one editable would add that much overhead. If it does, maybe just only allow 3 additional options.

Hi @eztech
Based on the product roadmap, this improvement on the Ticket Source is already part of the long-term implementation timeline. We will loop you in to the ticket so that we can inform you of any important updates as they get released by the product development team.

Thank you @Rick_C

Web is already in the system and only accessible if the ticket is raised by the client Web interface.

I believe device is also part of the system too.

The in person is not, but other covers that nicely.