Is RMM currently down?

Hi All,

Is RMM currently down? I’ve tried logging in on laptop at home and a jump box in a Data Center elsewhere, no joy.

Getting the error: A network error has occurred?


A big upgrade is undergoing right now. RMM and other modules may fail to load.
Please follow this link for updates on this process:

Thanks for update Danny.


It would have been appreciated to notify of this upgrade in advance. I did not receive notification of it, and the planned maintenance of six servers had to be rescheduled. 2 Hours wasted, 2:30 am to 4:30 AM EST. Please let us know. If it is emergency non-planned maintenance, please let us know in the form of an alert that will show in the console. Patching was available, but RMM was no-go.

Hello @Rickkee

There was a sticky topic on the Forum about the release early this week.