Is there a library of policies available for download?

I am brand new to ComodoOne, having used Autotask and MaxFocus previously. It appears to me that everything you want to monitor has to be created as a policy from scratch. Is this correct? If so, is there a library of policies that can be downloaded and imported to save time getting ComodoOne to a useful state?

Hello BobN,

Unfortunately no. You will need to create your own policies depending on your needs and how you wish to use the settings.

For a reference please

Thanks for that information, Ethan. Although I have created a couple of policies for testing purposes, I cannot select computers to apply them. The company and the site boxes can be checked but the individual computers are grayed out and cannot be selected. Any ideas on how to conquer that issue?

Hi BobN,

Please attach a screenshot with the computers list as you see them in the “Apply policy” wizard.

A computer can be grayed out if there is already a policy applied on it, if it is on an ongoing session or if it does not communicate with the agent (offline).

Hi BobN,

First of all, the devices have to be available. Make sure the computers are online and the agents communicate with server.

If you already have a policy on a computer, you will not be able to apply a second policy at any given time. You will have to stop the applied policy from the “Policies” tab and reapply the new desired one.

If you want to have more policies on a computer, I suggest you create a new policy that would contain the parameters from both policies.

If I understand you correctly, if I want to monitor 50 things they all have to be included in a single policy?

There are 2 things here that I think need addressing;

  1. A system should not need to be on to apply a policy to it. This would make adding policies very difficult and time consuming as the number of monitored devices scale up. I should be able to epply it to a group of systems, get a report back of which were applied successfully and a notice of when it will be attempted again for the missings systems.

  2. Only one policy per system is really bad. I would think I would have a set of different policies defined based on what I want to monitor, not which system. I would then apply all the different policies (depending on what I want to monitor) on to a particular system or set of systems (who I want to monitor).

Thank you!

Hi @BobN, @BJWTech ,

We agree with these improvement points and put them on the roadmap for Q4 Release. Please let us know, what else we should/could improve on monitoring policies.

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BJWTech, I believe you have hit the nail on the head. I concur on both of your points. I am becoming more disappointed by the hour as I try to work with ComodoOne. I am having no luck with patch management either. On paper the platform looks great. The reality may be quite different. It’s a shame if that turns out to be the case because the consolidation of RMM providers into PSA providers is working against the interests of the smaller IT consultants. Soon there may be no independent, affordable RMM choices to choose from.

Hi @BobN,

Please let us know what can be improved on this system as actionable items and we would address one by one. We are building this product for MSPs and as an MSP you guys can tell us how do you want this tool to work. We are going to build exactly as you need it.

That is why it is important to get all improvement points one by one as you see it.

Also, please report us the bugs If you observe any, you can always reach us through here or through email

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Two things come to mind immediately. First, it seems total senseless that I have to build a single, multi-faceted policy for a computer. A better approach per BJWTech above is to have a library of policies that can be applied as desired by checking a box and applying the selected policies either to a specific computer or server or across an entire site or to a specific group of computers. As I understand the current process, it will take a great deal of time to get up and running effectively. Autotask and MaxFocus, for example, have a large array of checks predefined and applicable in this manner. We don’t need to recreate the wheel.

Again as per BJWTech, we need to be able to assign policies to computers, whether they are online or offline. When an offline computer comes online it should check in for changes and apply them. The whole idea behind RMM tools is to automate processes. Having to insure a computer is online in order to accomplish any change is counter-intuitive and non-productive.

We agree with you guys and I already put them on roadmap. Please let us know when you find out more points to improve. This is going to be the best product out there!

Best regards,

I for one am excited. I see constant review and improvement based on what we here are requesting. I do not expect it to be perfect or working 100% out of the box. But if this process continues and we see these improvements implemented in a go forward basis, I see it as a win. a BIG WIN for us smaller MSP’s…

Comodo One Team; Keep up the great work! MSP’s, participate and hopefully we can shape they software we need to use to be able to concentrate on fixing problems and growing our business.



Its just code…we are coders…we can write code…
all we need is for you to tell us what code you want and we’ll work our backsides off to get it done for you.
One thing we can guarantee is with every release it will get better especially when you tell us exactly what you want to see. You have hundreds of developers (literally) at your service! We do mean it.

We want to give you the best platform possible, this can only be achieved by working together by us doing the coding and you telling us what you need. This platform will always be free to all the MSPs around the world!


Good to hear these changes are on the roadmap as it is a little frustrating using the policy system as it stands. are you planning to add CPU temp monitoring in the future? also I’m finding that the Disk Health monitor is reporting faults for Disk Read Error Rate, Disk Seek Error Rate and Disk Write Error Rates which are not necessary reporting a disk failure. I have a couple of Machines reporting these disk errors and after doing multiple SMART checks and Disk error checking can confirm the disks are not faulty. also i have to go into the service desk to view the created ticket to see the error details would be nice to see more detail under Alerts on the RMM Admin console. instead of just Disk Error

Hello Marveltec,
Thank you for your suggestions. All of them have been forwarded to the Development Team.
I Have notified you by email and I’ll keep you update on the progress.

I have the same disk error issue, support team has been patiently waiting for me to send log files, which I have not got to yet…