Is there a published roadmap somewhere so we can see what's coming?

If not then that would help alot of us wondering when features will become available. Many products publish public roadmaps like Office 365 for example. This might help with the questions people tend to ask when it comes to feature additions. I’ve seen many references on the forums to “product roadmap” so we know it exists. Please share some of it :slight_smile:

There is no publicly available product roadmap as of this time @jacubillos. Making it available is still in discussion within the product development team.

@ece.isel been a while on this any eta on that roadmap? thanks

Been about 2 months since this was first posted… Any idea when we will see some form of public roadmap? Perhaps 6 months out would be a good start so folks can see what’s coming soon?

Hello @jacubes,

We understand how our MSPs are eager to see the roadmap availability be made in public. As of the moment, our product teams is still under discussion on this request.
Since the Roadmap is an ever changing timeline of activities, the only thing constant is improvement.

We have also forwarded your request to see if our product team can provide at least 6 months out. We’ll keep you notified of any news concerning this request via email.

Thank you.