Is there a way to move a patch management agent?

I mistakenly didn’t realize that the patch management parameters were different for different customers/sites. So I have numerous customers/sites with the patch management agent reporting back to a single site. I.e.:


  • computerA1 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerA2 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerA3 – patchManagementAgentA


  • computerB1 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerB2 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerB3 – patchManagementAgentA


  • computerC1 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerC2 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerC3 – patchManagementAgentA


  • computerC4 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerC5 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerC6 – patchManagementAgentA


  • computerC7 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerC8 – patchManagementAgentA
  • computerC9 – patchManagementAgentA

Note the ‘patchManagementAgentA’ at the end of each.

I thought I could just re-install the patch manager with the appropriate new agent string (think ‘repair install’), but it doesn’t work. They still all report to patchManagementAgentA.

Is there a way to either move the patchManagement Agent (but not the RMM agent – those are already correct) to a different patch management site? Or is there a way to uninstall the patch manager, so I can reinstall it correctly?



The patch management agents have to be manually uninstalled from the endpoints.

  1. Remove the device from the console
  2. Uninstall the agents.
  3. Install the correct agent.

In order to install the correct agents per site/company, select the intended company by clicking on the 3 people icon right next to SYSTEM REPORTS and select the company from the drop down list.

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Thanks, Harvey.

Are you saying I have to remove just the patch management agent, or the entire RMM agent?

If just the patch management agent, I didn’t see anything in the installed programs to do so. I just see RMM Agent Service.

You can remove only the patch agent and install again under the correct company but let us investigate if it would be possible to move agent between companies without uninstall.