Is there any OpenDNS free alternative with Comodo products?

Hi there,

I’m wondering if there’s any free alternative (cloud) for OpenDNS by Comodo, to add one more security layer at our office?

If it doesn’t exists by Comodo, by any other vendor?


Yes, I am talking about work place, if it was for Home, OpenDNS already has free plans.



Comodo has competitor product for OpenDNS, check this , it has a free tier upto 300K DNS queries per month. That will easily cover Home/Small Office usage. Shield has world-wide coverage!dns-resolvers (shown as NuSEC there) and offers you much more enterprise features like multi office support, roaming agents, URL whitelisting etc comparing to OpenDNS.

As my good friend @ozermetin as said, Comodo has its Dome Shield product (soon to be rebranded to Secure DNS) that has a free tier.

You can then if you require upgrade giving no feature blocking after your first 300K DNS requests each month.

If you need more information or would like a quote for a none free teir please send me a PM