Is this legitimate re:charge per endpoint?

Got this Friday while out of the office. If it is legitimate, I’m not seeing anything about it on the forums nor within the platform.

Yeah, me too…the “language” used is mildly confusing at best. No idea if this is legit and/or if it applies to my small beans operation.

I haven’t received this, although I’m on the Comodo interface. I’m confused as to how this relates to previous posts from @melih that the platform would be ‘free forever’, or something to that effect. Can anyone provide some insight?

That is not keeping your promise of ‘Free Forever’. This and the way the breach was dealt with will raise the eyebrows of many not least the DPC in Germany where you base the European instance.

Any one got the details for the DPC in Germany, thankfully as EU citizens we have their protection, sorry UK’ers you loose that protection on the 31st of this month.

The main Itarian Page now shows that it is 10 devices free ??

Hi @bob-sawyer ,

you may read the announcement here: Please let us know any questions you may have.


Thank you for the response.

Apart from a very small client base - Home users that would not be interested in paying $39 per year for AEP when they have Comodo CIS free installed ( and even if it is right that they are now going to have to pay $4.99 for this as the free version appears to be going away as well - coincidence ? ) I personally support family devices and with them spread around the country - even one of them in another country, this platform has been absolutely fantastic and would not really be right for me to ‘charge’ them $12.50 per device, per year on top of the $4.99 for CIS, they are family !?!

Although there is no control over CIS on the platform ( which is completely understandable, but has all the capabilities built in as AEP is forked from CIS, being able to carry out patch management and check systems if they contact me saying ’ It’s running slow ’ or install software direct or remote in to demonstrate how to do something has been a god send all in one platform, rather than have to use three or four separate programs :frowning:

Years ago, 2014, before Comodo One / Itarian, Comodo Endpoint Security Manager was going to have a 10 device limit so that someone like myself can be the ‘family IT guy’ but then this was stopped. Then after Comodo One was released, there was a Comodo One Home, 2017, that was for Home / family users, but sadly that was short lived and was not updated for a long time and is now no longer available :frowning:

With the number of devices now owed by people has grown, phone, laptop, tablet &/or desktop each could it not be considered that the limit be raised to 15 - 20?

Also can you clarify that mobile devices - Android & Apple phones - are not included in the 10 device limit, as there is no ‘paid’ AEP for these and so would not be able to fall under the umbrella of ‘cost-neutral’

I have been a user since C.O.M.O.D.O Antivirus 2006, and have never looked at other programs and always recommended people install it before anything else. Then when it was released that Comodo Internet Security was a ‘Pain in the a***’ in the WikiLeaks papers, it was not a surprise to any of us loyal users and confirmation that we had been right for all those years.

Hopefully the home user program is not becoming non-free ( but that is being debated on the relevant forum until something is heard / confirmed, and would be very greatly appreciated if that is by @melih ) and that further consideration is made with regards to Comodo One / Itarian users for device limits, especially those of us that have been registered since the beginning / very early stages.

These are just my thoughts, but they may also reflect those of many other users.


Unfortunately, I am unable to edit the above, but would like to amend the yearly price from $12.50 to a correct figure of $15 per device per year.

This would mean that from what is currently proposed of 10 FREE to if you add 1 more device it suddenly jumps to $165 per year !!!

Hi @bob-sawyer

CIS free version still exists, our webpages are being updated, you’ll be able to see the download links on wednesday. I’ll post the link here if I have time.

I understand the concern. From our point of view, 10 devices free is a fair limit for any home user. Security aspect of it is different of course, if they would like to get CIS free, they can but that’s personal endpoint protection (by the way, we also have Comodo Mobile Security, with free security feature on Android, and IOS for consumers), not a management. Comodo One Home was exactly addressing that.

That may be considered. I think a different perspective comes with IOT devices, which increases the number of devices from 15-20 to 100-200 in the near future.

@fatih, in the other thread (that is now locked), you said “The platform is not free forever”. However it was advertised as free forever when most of us singed up. Can you please explain how this is good for your users and not just a money grab by your company?

Hi @Davy ,

The other thread is “The” announcement of ITarian Pricing, as I mentioned in the message you quoted we’re providing a cost-neutral solution. You may check again my answer here:

Thanks again for replying Fatih. You seem like a nice person trying to do a hard job. This is just my opinion as a would-be customer – I feel lied to and insulted by removing “Free. Forever” and pushing a “cost-neural” only solution. If you can echo my concerns to whoever (team or person) is responsible for the “cost-neural solution” I would appreciate it.

Your reply about “cost-neural solution” doesn’t address the reversal “Free. Forever” promise that was advertised. Your reply denies that “Free. Forever” was ever a thing and then is a sales pitch to try and get us to buy your other produces to try and keep the product that was promoted as “Fee. Forever”. I hope you see that your (really your company’s) response to the situation is insulting.

The reversal and broken promise of “Free. Forever”, downplay of it’s existed, and switching to “cost-neural solution” with no other option is causing people that loved and trusted your product to threaten legal action. You’ve been removing all the “Free. Forever” comments from your web site (FYI your twitter and facebook pages still have it), banning & locking threads discussing the issue on your forum.
I don’t know if your actions are fraud (or any of the other legal terms people are use) but I do know they aren’t actions of people that I would like to do business with.

I’ve spent a month evaluating your produce under the “Free. Forever” lie. Lucky I only moved over a few test ends points before migrating to your platform. Not everyone here is as lucky and I fully understand their anger around this. But it seems like you (again… your company) don’t get it or just don’t care.

Switching from the freemium model (“Free. Forever”) to this subscription/freemium hybrid model that you’re calling “cost-neural solution” seems badly thought out. Switching back to the freemium (“Free. Forever”) model would go a long way to promote your new “marketplace”, win back some would be customers, and make your brand not look so bad.

PS I hope this post doesn’t show up as “Unapproved” and hidden from public view like the others.

Hi @Davy

Not only myself but all ITarian team is really doing a hard job on fulfilling hundreds of requests coming almost everyday. I am talking about feature requests, scripts, operational tasks, bugs/defects, sales activities etc… This forum and users reading and posting there are really a portion of our audience. It doesn’t mean we give less importance, each customers have equal value for us, but I want to show the great effort the team is spending overall, including other channels.

The company did a choice and I honestly believe we provided a lot of opportunities to our existing customers considering the pricing. Having a forum and discussing openly all the issues is also one of these opportunities. We never banned or removed any post that is criticising or commenting about our platform, our company or our pricing model. These are always welcome, we believe they are helping us to get better and guide us to the right. You can see we still keep all these critics on the pricing thread without removing them. Also, you are able to write and I am responding to this thread. As long as the posts comply with forum rules and regulations, there is no problem discussing any issue. However yesterday and today, we have had a couple of post that were beyond critics and definitely were not complying with forum rules. These posts are removed and the users banned.

Some other users included advertisement of their company, and promoting their own skills, which is also not acceptable. We have removed those posts as well.

This forum is for helping our customers to get any kind of information about Itarian platform, and a communication channel between Itarian staff or other users to discuss any issues they have about this platform. As Itarian staff, we need the preserve that goal and provide possibility for all forum users to get what they need.

Italian and Comodo has lost my support but not because of you.

Send me a PM as I can help on pricing that is more appropriate and help explain the changes etc