ISSUE - Cannot use the advanced search filters

You can apply filters and see it is finding your results but when you click on the link at the bottom of the advanced search that says “VIEW” all it does is reset to user’s open tickets, it doesn’t show results and there is no way to bulk act upon them (like delete all the autogen tickets that are mucking up things in my SD closed ticket list)

Others SD users, please verify this is an issue for you. Using Chrome and latest build of it.


Sorry for the late reply. I have sent you an email to determine the cause of this issue.

Okay thanks, this has been an issue for several months, want to say I had another post about it but couldn’t find it. Just so coders don’t think it’s a new issue.

It is now working in google chrome. Thanks for the fix.

@azon2111 We are glad to hear that it is working now. Thank you for your patience in this matter.