Issue with Cron Job that checks for new email for ticketing system

The cron job trigger seems to be set for login to the C1 portal for any staff user account. Until this occurs, it will not check for nor process any email for SD. This is a HUGE issue that needs addressed immediately. Cannot have people using email for ticketing system if it isn’t checking like every 3 mins for new email and processing them.

Sounds like a bug. Support team will contact you to get the details and we will fix as soon as possible.

I am seeing the same issue and have emailed support about it.

​​​​​​​I just had the same issue, did not get my ticket all morning, since I did not have time to log in until earlier. Once I got logged into the SD module, the emails came through, then after that I had to refresh the SD module to see the tickets in the ticket system.

Hi all,

I have forwarded your bug report to our support team. They will contact you with updates.


Following up: I got a support team replay and it appears that I am getting service desk tickets from email now without having to be actively logged into service desk now.

I am getting them as well. Seems to be fixed now. Moderator please close thread.