Issues with custom MSI installer

Hey everyone,
Hoping that I’m just missing something here, I’m pretty new to C1. I’m trying to push out a custom msi package, but when I check the msi installation state, it says “Installation failed (Failed to download https://(url)/ccagent_installer.msi)” When I go to that link from a browser, it downloads just fine. I’ve tried this on two different test machines - both of which I can verify can resolve the name properly and can download that file from a browser. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @bscc
This is on the device where you originally pushed the custom MSI package. We would like to clarify whether the download (and execution) of the MSI file indeed fail or did it get installed normally?

Hi Rick,

   Yes, it did.  I manually installed it on one of the two computers I tried to deploy it to in order to confirm the package was valid, and it worked fine manually.  I left the other one alone for troubleshooting.  :)