Issues with new updates.

  1. The forum thinks my old password which I just updated is the correct one. This new password works when I log into CRC and my portal.
  2. The CRC thinks I am located in Europe, it won’t accept my username and password when i select USA even though I live in Canada. Maybe the programmer though Canada was apart of the EU? lol

I will post more issues as I find them.

Hi @smoothrunnings
Our answers to your inquiries:

  • Your login credentials to the C1 portal and the C1 forums are independent of each other. They are the same only after the completion of the C1 account signup procedure as the C1 forum account is created by default using the same login credentials. If you decide to change the password for your C1 portal login, it will have no effect on your C1 forum account login. And vice-versa.
  • The two regions shown in the (new) CRC window refers to where your C1 account was created and is currently being hosted. One way to determine on which region your C1 account is being hosted is to check the URL of the C1 portal. If it is "", then it is in Europe. If it is "", then it is in USA.