IT Documentation (feature request / improvement)

Is it on the roadmap to have better support for IT documentation (processes, customer asset details, etc)? KnwoledgeBase is ok for the moment for us, but it would be nice to see something more along the lines of IT Glue as we grow.

Hi @indieserve,

We have a feature request to integrate IT Glue with the ITSM platform and would be implemented by Q4 of 2017.

We also have a feature request for getting detailed information on windows devices enrolled in ITSM planned for Q4 of 2017.
ie. Device Name, Summary, Hardware, Networks, Associated Profiles, File List, MSI Installation State, Patch Management, Computer names, IP Adresses, hardware information, CPU Memory, network, domain, Software installed on the computers, license options, Users, logins, shares.

If the aforementioned satisfies your request, we can add you to these feature requests.

Thank you,

FYI @philip

Great. Yeah, I think IT Glue integration is probaby better than re-inventing the wheel. The KB functionality is likely adequate for most, but if you have a large staff or have your helpdesk outsourced after hours documentation is critical to successful first call resolution. This is great to know as I’ve been looking at IT Glue. For now we’ll stick to KB and OneNote and transplant things after the integration. Thanks!

Hello @indieserve,

We have created a ticket and added you on this loop so that you will be updated in case the feature request is already available.

Thank you.