Itarian Agent (Remote Control)

Hi all;

I am not sure if I can continue to use this software.

The biggest problem I have…continually, is the fact that the Remote Control feature is flawed at best.

I was logged into a users laptop, did a couple of maintenance items and had it reboot.

Now in the MSP Console it shows device as Connected, but not Online…

RC by Itatrian shows device as off line…again. Attempting to launch from MSP site…also fails.

I should NOT have to call the end user EVER, when I need to reboot a PC in case the agent never comes back up.

So in this case…the user is NOT there and why I was doing maintenance for him. This PC is hundreds of miles away.

I am now shit out of luck with his laptop in an unfinished state. Unacceptable.

Poor user will come in tomorrow…hours before I am even out of bed…and I know he will be screaming at ME.

Wed is going to be an UGLY day. Thanks

Can you not login with RDP from another PC?

Hi @howie

I was logged into a users laptop, did a couple of maintenance items and had it reboot.

Are there any items that can perhaps delay/prolong the bootup process (pending Windows Updates, chkdsk, etc.)? Internet connection went down on the client-side? Stuck in a BSOD screen? Hopefully, no hardware issue cropped up while you were doing maintenance on the laptop.

No…I did not have the option of using RDP. Good thought, but not in this case. User is an Island unto himself.

User called me when I got in this AM…(not a happy camper), his PC was up and running when he got in, so he didn’t see anything abnormal. (no BSOD, Updates, MS stupidity, chkdsk or other weirdness) ITSM Agent still NOT Responding although SERVICE is running. Had him open “Services” and restart the agent. It finally comes up. That in itself was misery because many users have never heard of “Services.msc” never mind have them utilize it to restart stuff. Makes for dangerous journey. We also changed the Service to a Delayed Start…No Difference…same sad state where agent refuse to come up.
Anyway…I am now looking at alternative because this is Never going to work long term. Its a SHOW STOPPER …>period. Not only that, my CRM Dashboard hasn’t been working for 8 weeks…with no resolve insight. Tried different PC’s, different Cities, different everything…NADA. So haven’t been able to open CRM since November. Enough said…and enough wasted time here. Off to find a proper a MSP product to support my end users.

@howie I completely understand your frustration. I currently use another free RC program as a backup just for this reason and am working on a way to deploy via script. The other free program seems to be adding new features to the RC application monthly leapfrogging the barebones features of Itarian’s RC, such as upload files to remote endpoint, etc. However, one of my most awaited features for both RC’s is the ability to a) automatically reconnect the remote session after reboot, & b) do the same by rebooting into Safe Mode. Hopefully, Itarian will get serious about the remote features.

@uandit Which is the other free product you use?

@nct I did not give the name bc I am new to the forum and did not know if it would go against forum rules. Is there a way to PM me?