ITarian and Comodo One Roadmap Plan for 2019Q3 and 2019Q4

Fellow Itarians!

We have shared ITarian and Comodo One Roadmap Plan for 2019Q3 and 2019Q4 from this section previous week. But, that post have been removed inintentionally. This is why I am posting roadmap again.

We are happy to announce that ITarian and Comodo One Roadmap Plan for 2019Q3 and 2019Q4 has been prepared and ready to be shared.

We will continue this practice and new year’s roadmap plan will also be shared in the upcoming months.

Looking forward to hear from you!

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My only confusion over the above is why does ITarian have “Endpoint Manager - Security” when C1 will become Dragon and be the security portal? Maybe I’m jumping the gun and this a longer plan.

Hello Robin!

Indeed this is very good question.
Comodo One will turn into Dragon Platform step by step. Next release will be first step toward this goal.
However, ITarian will continue to use Comodo Client Security products in its ecosystem. So we may always have “Endpoint Manager - Security” section on Itarian.

Thank you!


Long Comodo user here but do you guys see any problem with affiliating it with Comodo and Dragon? Comodo already has a product called Comodo Dragon (browser) and I just see this as a headache and unneeded confusion especially if you were to search google.

My understanding is that Comodo Dragon will eventually become an app / portal you can access from ITarian to do everything security wise.

Might sound odd, but do you want your end clients being able to search for your management portal or just the product which is Comodo Advanced Endpoint Security (AEP) or it’s alternative name of Comodo Client Security (CCS) ??

I honestly would not mind one bit. I cannot stand or tolerate the ping pong/inconsistent naming conventions that change like underwear. The communication/reasoning and most importantly consistency are things fundamental for my day to day operations to be successful. It’s a false argument I think to say here is Comodo/ITrarian One/ Dragon for your customers to use. The product is great but these naming conventions/changes hurt it in the end in my opinion.

Is this roadmap still valid?

Hello @Shark-it ,

There are couple of changes on this roadmap. We will share the updated version as soon as possible.

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Hi Guys

when will there be an app for IOS and android for remote control

I am deploying android desktops at work… so waiting for this as well.
Feel the need to clarify… I need the ability to remote android desktopsfor support… not just launch remote from andorid.

Any update (after 1 month+) ?