ITarian launches Comodo SOCaaP

ITarian, The World’s only cloud based centralized IT management platform, today announced the release of the world’s first security operations center (SOC)-as-a-Platform (Comodo SOCaaP), empowering MSPs/MSSPs/ISPs to ramp up recurring revenue from Cybersecurity managed services with zero up-front cost, revolutionizing the cybersecurity market for service providers.

This one-of-a-kind platform enables any service provider (MSPs, MSSPs, ISPs, Telcos, etc.) to offer Cybersecurity as a billable managed service to their customers and dramatically ramp up their recurring revenue base. The Platform brings unique benefits for service providers and their customers by integrating endpoint, network, and cloud security (correlating events from both the endpoint and network) and offering white-labeled co-managed threat detection and response services.

SOCaaP launches with Connectwise integration to automate customer onboarding while ingesting security logs into SOCaaP Integrated cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. SOCaaP can be deployed into leading PSA products with just a few clicks – deployment is simple and instant.

Key features of SOCaaP include:
• Complete integration with Comodo’s Cloud-Native Cybersecurity Platform with Patented Auto-Containment™ technology, which stops breaches that cannot even be detected.
• Built-in cloud connectors that integrate with cloud services such as Office 365, Azure, and Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) to extend visibility over cloud assets and workloads
• A single pane of glass combining all security service operations, customer onboarding status, actionable alerts, and escalations into a single dashboard
• A cloud-based, multi-tenant next-generation security information and event monitoring platform (SIEM) for MSPs including a powerful event correlation engine

Moreover, SOCaaP comes with an industry-first “Pay per use” or “pay in arrears” model, which means that service providers face zero upfront cost and only pay for what use.
SOCaaP requires no commitments, just a simple month-by-month subscription that includes the option to switch it off at any time. MSPs can white-label this solution to match their own brand to exponentially increase their value proposition for customers and their profitability.

We have started the automatic enablement for SOCaaP to be enabled for all of our MSP customers, and it will be finalized within a week. You will be able to access SOCaaP directly from your Applications list. We encourage you to check the extensive capabilities of Comodo’s SOCaaP.


For more information about Comodo’s SOCaaP

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You can now sell Cybersecurity as a billable service
Zero upfront cost
Zero skills
Pay as you go
Post paid
Extremely simple interface to use
Instant activation

One of the best products we have available. My team is happy to help immediately with information! Please contact me directly as well at

This is a great release that we have been waiting for!
We are getting our information together on this and will be distributing this to clients and MSPs soon.

Wonderful!! If you need any further materials please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help you grow your business in any way I can. Looking forward to your success!


I guess we should wait for your info, and not sign up just yet as I assume you may be offering this as part of your distributor arrangements ?

Can I also assume this will or may take over from the AEP product, and a few others like the SIG/Cwatch?

I’m sure I can upsell this to most business clients, not sure about the individual home type users however.


Go ahead and start using it and provide the feedback.
Our account managers are allowed to provide with first month free. So go ahead and test for a month!

Q. Should the SOCaaP tab appear under Applications or do we need to use the get started process to have it enabled ?

If we do sign up or enable online what happens with billing as we are currently using @StrobeTech for subscriptions and payments.
(who does an awesome job by the way with help and advice if required)

Also the workstation/server packages are per device, easy and clean.
What about the network products is that for each separate site/network or per client/365 tenant.

I ask as some clients are stand alone single network, others clients site to site vpn, some almost all cloud etc.

I believe we need more real MSP specific info and not just a webpage advert claiming features and a price base without actually seeing the nuts and bolts on how we will be able to on-charge clients and manage expectations. What if any adjustments need to be made to existing products, remove current AEP or does it replace or rollover the top.
Mix and match products between customers, keep some on AEP, some on SOCaaP with a higher protection level.
Are changes required in the profiles and procedures?

I also have concerns when a client can also go online and see the pricing, that may not match what is billed back to them, ie our margin ?

In my case it will be additional cost for additional feature set, I need to be able to sell the package over and above what is currently deployed.

Yes the offer for a trial is very welcome, and may clear up most of these questions.


Hi @mcfproservices

We can still do all the billing.
I got all the updates and details from our account manager yesterday and adding this information to our price list at the moment. Please bear with us while we play catch up getting all this information as well as how it is used, licenses it replaces and more so we can continue to provide you with the quality service we have so far.


How are you going with getting this info together?

There is nothing in my applications tab on the portal as yet either, not that I have signed up anywhere to make that happen, but though I read it was to be enabled during the last week?


Send us an email and we can discuss