ITarian Launches ITarian Remote Access

Hello everyone!

As you know, Comodo ONE has been serving as an IT Management and Security platform under one umbrella for years. As we expand our product family, in order to continue serving your needs with the best IT operating platform, we have decided to have a distinct focus on IT Management products and Security products.

We’ll continue to equip you with every IT management tool you’ll need to become an IT superhero. To that end, and to make sure you have access to every tool you will need. This free IT platform will now be called ITarian! Just like Batman’s Batmobile or Thor’s Hammer, ITarian empowers you to demonstrate your super powers in IT Management, solving your clients’ biggest IT challenges!

As for ITarian, the first new tool that we will equip you with is ITarian Remote Access. This offering is a 100% free, secure, and platform independent Remote Access tool. Yep a standalone remote access tool. This is only the start and this will continue to improve regularly to be the best remote access tool out there!

With the Remote Access tool, you’ll be able to connect to any device any time (Windows to begin with and will expand to other desktop and mobile operating systems), without license or payment hassle. Just download it to your device, onboard your partner/customer/user that you’ll connect to, and enjoy the free service!

For our partners who have been already with us on Comodo ONE, we know that you’ll love ITarian Remote Access as well! If you have unmanaged devices or require temporary access to any device, you can leverage the newest Remote Access tool for free.

To get your stand-alone ITarian Remote Access tool now, go to

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Not a bad job of ripping off teamviewer… you would have been better ripping off screen connect as the top remote access tool that is on the market at the moment.

Hello @rockowwc

Thanks for being one of our early adopters! Glad to hear we did a good job on releasing the 100% free Remote Access software which would make any business (except potential competitors:)) extra glad as we are cutting their monthly occurring costs and providing 24/7 support at no hidden cost.

Due to the nature of the remote access domain, it is common to ask for Password and ID to provide a secure connection to our valuable customers.

I’d be more than happy to schedule a call with you to listen your thoughts on how we can make the product great for everyone.


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Product Manager,
ITarian Remote Access

Reposted to Feature Requests.

Hello @amcssit,

We have relayed your suggestion/ideas to our development team and we will keep you informed with the update via this forum page and related support ticket. Thank you and we greatly appreciate for sharing your ideas for the product improvement.

Any news on ITarian Remote Access coming to an IOS device near you?


Hi! The feature request for ITarian Remote Access to support IOS clients currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline of 6 - 12 months however it is still subject for change. We will contact you as soon as this timeline becomes more accurate. Thank you for your patience.

I love the way Remote Access works and the security of it is perfectly designed for MSP use. Is there any plan for making this a little more friendly for Enterprise use? For MSP it is great that you have to enter a new password and get user approval before connection. This protects both MSP and customer. On an Enterprise level an IT Director will often need to set up a computer for users to be able to work remotely. If the user is not at the desk, but is working from home, and needs to connect there is no way for them to connect because the password has changed and the office computer requires someone to approve/accept the remote connection.


You can set the Device Takeover Options to “Establish Remote Control sessions without asking user permission”. Kindly refer to the help guide below.

Can we please get a white label version.