ITarian Power-up Training Webinar - Join us!

If you’re new on ITarian and looking to sharpen your technical skills and get expert answers to specific questions on ITarian, this is for you; rsvp your seat!

Join us at every friday as we will provide you brief courses on our product capabilities. This live demonstration of the ITarian platform will improve your IT managment and success.

During this webinar you will learn;

Our management team will be hosting these webinars frequently with time segments for Q&A sessions. We envision these webinars as an extension of our MSP Forum, where over 25,000 members have the opportunity to ask questions and request new product feature.

These 8 training modules will be covered to improve your implementation of ITarian:

  • How to create a customer
  • How to create a staff
  • How to Enroll a Device
  • How to create a Monitor
  • How to create a Profile
  • How to add a monitor into a profile
  • How to assign profile to a device
  • How to manage role-permissions

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

I just signed up to ITarian. I am currently studying a great online course in Cybersecurity. I hope these webinars will help me to understand IT networks and management better!

… An email about this event would have been nice. :frowning:

Ok. I got the invitation this time. But no Email with a link,… and yes I tried the junk mail folders… twice :frowning:

Checked spam filters, junk folders, outlook rules, O365 settings. Nothing to suggest any Itarian mail is getting blocked.
Nothing special about my email. Standard O365 with exchange.

At the very least, I’m hoping a recording is available afterwards.

Hello Everyone,

During the webinar sessions, last 10 minutes we will try to get your questions but if you have more questions or if you want to learn some details deeply please put your questions or webinar topics suggestions here, we will immediately schedule questions-answers sessions for all your questions.

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Hi @Elif Ayhan Kurt ,

Following on from the webinar today, could you let us know when white labelling of the MacOS agent will be available?

Many thanks,


Do you have a tutorial LINK on Gathering Inventory data? What statics are produced? Might have a rural school with 235 seats.

Hi @ilgazy and @Elif Ayhan Kurt,

As per @originalscan’s comments above, I signed up for the next webinar yesterday and I’ve not had an email come through with joining instructions and a ‘save the date’. So currently, I know when the webinar is but not how to join it. This is exactly what happened last time.

I’ve carried out a mailtrace on our Office 365 tenant and there’s nothing, so it hasn’t been caught up in a spam filter or anything.

Could you take a look at this?

Many thanks,


Hello @inspiratechnologygro ,

We have checked the system but we couldn’t find an issue on our side. Team is still investigating. In the mean time I will resend the email to you.

Best Regards,

Same again this week.
Registered but not webinar link.

As per “inspiratechnologygroup”, checked via mailtrace, but no blockage found.

Q., What is the email address / service being used ?

Could you cover the security product license management on a webinar? The way it’s laid out in Itarian is a bit of a mess. If you could also cover the whole process from purchasing via CAM and then adding the license in Itarian and then the ongoing management of those licences that’d be great.

Thank you for bringing these back! I would like to request a tutorial on the network management section.

Can you post this webinar online please.
Is there a youtube channel where these are collected ?
Most of the submissions are quite old.