ITarian Release Notes 2022-06-23

This document contains notes about the ITarian Platform June 2022 release.

The release schedule will be as follows:

  • US Region - Release will start on 23rd June 2022 Thursday at 2 AM EDT
  • EU Region - Release will start on 24th June 2022 Monday at 6 AM BST
The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during which time the ITarian Platform will be in maintenance mode. If you login to the ITarian Platform during the 30-minute deployment window, you may observe minor usability issues. Please feel free to email if you experience any usability issues during or after the upgrade deployment window.

ITarian Platform

New Features
Remote Control

  • Ability to copy and paste into the Windows lock screen
  • Search inside remote control based on "logged in username"
Mobile / MDM
  • Support for Android 12 Knox.
  • Change of billing model so that all devices are billed not just "active" devices.
Endpoint Manager
  • Ability to add notes and tags to devices.
  • Side menu start as minimized by default.
  • Cleaned up help menu and removed old / non-required items.
  • Added export function to the Vulnerability List inside Vulnerability Management
  • Ability to close / hide "Olivia" pop up agent
  • Registration for a new account has been improved and much faster to setup instance
Improvements Endpoint Manager
  • Maintenance window scheduling by allowing end time to be on the next day

Comodo Security Products
Secure Email Gateway

  • Fixed the issue of missing Archive functionality during an active trial license
  • Fixed the issue of not properly displaying Chinese characters
Comodo Client Security New Features
  • Ability to add/submit/analyze file(s) from the portal
  • Password protection for Comodo Agent Removal Tool
  • Added details on malware detection email notification
  • Introduced new sorting capability on Antivirus AV DB Version under Endpoint Security Status section

Anyone else noticing the platform VERY slow today since the update yesterday??

That’s an interesting feature. The search is done right in the main search box inside the “Device List / Device Management” window or is it somewhere else?

Great feature! And I see that those fields are also in the exported CSV file, so that will be great for reporting. If you can show me at least the first tag in the device list it will be really great!

Have a nice day!

– Javier Llorente

Since today, deleted devices aren’t removed from the platform as they used to be. In the past they would disappear from the platform once deleted but now they stay on the platform as ‘Device removed’. Is there now a delay in removal for some reason? This causes the issue of inflating the additional endpoint count in licencing.

Edit: It now appears to be sorted.

@Ed_Johnson it’s just a delay between the command is sent and it’s processed. Usually you don’t notice that but since it’s a release day - the load on system is higher then expected so some delays may be observed.

  • Ability to add/submit/analyze file(s) from the portal

    @Vadym , where do I find this feature?

  • You can see that on Security -> file rating -> import

    How do we use the removal tool now?
    I tried this morning with no luck.

    • Password protection for Comodo Agent Removal Tool
    I get this in the log file

    8:50:18 C:\Jenkins\workspace\CisCleanupTool2_vs19\CisClean upTool2\CisCleanupTool2\RegTools.cpp:259 >> Can’t read string (RemovalSecurity), error 2
    8:50:18 C:\Jenkins\workspace\CisCleanupTool2_vs19\CisClean upTool2\CisCleanupTool2\CleanupOnline\CisCleanupTo ol2.cpp:76 >> ITSM Administrator password for Removal tool is not set, skip password verification, exiting…


    I cannot download bulk packages now from the Comodo one portal, the download button does nothing.

    Hi @RyanAbrams,

    You need to Enable “Allow Comodo Agent Removal Tool to run” under Profiles -> Client Access Control.
    Please check the screenshot attached for your reference.

    Kind Regards,

    Thank you!

    Hi @RyanAbrams,

    Thanks for taking time to notify the issue. we would ask our backend team to investigate the issue and provide you feedback.

    Kind Regards,

    I am getting many Comodo false positives since this Itarian/Dragon platform update.

    This fie is showing up on pretty much all of my machines and getting flagged as malicious. C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis empscrpt\C_powershell.e xe_EE78D0BB23C03298CC1D6E98A7251BC90066875E.ps1

    Its only contents are
    “-so -NoLogo -NoProfile”

    I don’t believe this is coming from any of my Itarian RMM scripts because I haven’t made any changes to them in a long time and when I check the device script logs in Itarian, there is nothing running at the time this detection logged. The detection is logged at the same time every day. Looks like it started happening since June 26 and is happening daily on multiple devices. Here is an export of the long on an endpoint.

    2022-06-29 01:13:43 C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis empscrpt\C_powershell.e xe_EE78D0BB23C03298CC1D6E98A7251BC90066875E.ps1 Generic.Trojan.C@13 Quarantine Success

    Hi @minntech,

    We have asked our backend team to create a support ticket to your registered forum email address and collect the required logs to investigate the issue.

    Kind Regards,

    Just so people are aware we have now updated the release notes history

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