ITarian Release Notes 2022-08-03

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This document contains notes about the ITarian Platform release for 3August 2022.
The release schedule will be as follows:

  • Platform
    • US Region - Release will start on Wednesday 3rd August 2022 at 1AM EDT
    • EU Region - Release will start on Thursday 4th August 2022 at 6AM BST
  • Agents
    • All Regions - Release will start on Thursday 4th August 2022 at 1AM EDT/6 AM BST
The release is expected to take 30 minutes to deploy, during that time the platform will be under maintenance mode, where you may observe minor glitches. If you observe any issues, please feel free to share with us.

ITarian Platform
Portal (PSA)
New Features

  • Ability to add secret questions right after configuring 2FA (COPRD-5575)
  • Reporting: Modify the recipients for scheduled reports (COPRD-4727)
  • Signup: Improved signup status page (COPRD-6510)
Endpoint Manager (RMM) Patch Management

New Features

  • Ability to enrol a device to a company removing the need for users (COPRD-6504)
  • Improved / simplified agent deployed (COPRD-6504)
  • Automatic profile update once file group variables is changed (COPRD-5948)
Device Management
  • Nothing for this release.
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Nothing for this release.
Service Desk (SD) New Features
  • Adding Ticket type to API (OST-460)
  • Hook system development (OST-461)

Xcitium Products
Comodo Client Security

  • CCS should detect WMI provider registration from DLL (COPRD-3150)
  • CCS Self Protection Module (COPRD-3272)
  • Prevent Report tool running in containment (COPRD-6082)
  • Ability to limit resource allocation of CCS processes (COPRD-5679)
  • File shares protection from remote ransomware encryption attacks (COPRD-3632)
  • Performance counters in kernel mode (CCS Performance Optimization and Monitoring) (CODEV-384)
  • Optimization user scan interface (CODEV-389)
  • Update local Verdicts DB Error (CS-36252)
  • Loaded malicious Dll is not quarantined if loaded into process (CS-33366)
  • is not working website filtering keeps blocking the website from being accessed (CS-33136)
  • Update Local Verdicts Error (CS-36445)
  • Unable to update LV DB on CCS - error 0x80004005 (CS-34263)
  • LV DB updates error - Unspecified error (CS-35085)
  • Local verdicts DB error during AV database update (CS-34360)
  • Comodo Firewall Keeps Turning Off and Update Local Verdicts DB Error (CS-34701)
  • CIS Firewall Driver is not running after Windows major upgrade done along with CCS binary update (CS-28906)
  • CCS got stuck when listing CCS log (CS-34133)
  • The User Profile Service Problem with CCS (CS-37119)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 hangs with CCS installed (CS-33919)
  • Memory Leak in Comodo Firewall Driver (CS-36242)
  • winget.exe is being contained and it is not logged (CS-35900)
  • Infected items are not auto-cleaned after Full scan completed (CS-35968)
  • Performance issues/ Higher CPU Utilization (CS-36519)
  • CCS (cmdagent.exe) high CPU usage (CS-35787)

Portal Versions
Endpoint Manager (RMM): 7.1.42807.22060
Portal (PSA): 3.50.0
SOCaaP: 2.3.0

Client Versions

Product Windows Mac Linux Android iOS
Communication Client 7.1.43102.22060 7.1.42730.22060 7.0.41995.22030 1.3.0
Remote Control 7.1.42612.22060 7.1.42614.22060 N/A N/A N/A
Comodo Client Security 12.12.0 N/A N/A

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